Natural Elements
The Green Room
Designer: Caspar Gabb
Sponsor: Kumala and Hindsight Tax Partner
Contractor: Natural Elements, Cliff Alderton

This garden recreates the atmosphere of a sub-tropical forest clearing, with a
contemporary twist on the English classics of a pergola and hanging baskets. Caspar Gabb, the garden designer, says that walking in Australia, New Zealand and Madeira were the inspiration for The Green Room.

Mature specimen trees, tree ferns, driftwood Totems and five hanging ‘tower’ baskets create a sheltered clearing. The irregular paving suggests naturally textured ground. The planting is soft and informal with an emphasis on form and texture. Woven willow stems give a natural vertical background, with mirrors reflecting the abundance of greenery in the garden.

The planting focuses more on leaf colour and texture. However, a variety of plants will be providing colour in flower. Key plants are Dicksonia antarctica AGM, Indocalamus tessellatus AGM, Tetrapanax papyrifer ‘Rex’, Trochodendron aralioides, Dianella caerulea
‘Cassa Blue’.

This is Caspar’s first exhibit at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

Design inspiration
“This garden is inspired by my travels in Australia, New Zealand and Madeira. My objectives are to recreate the atmosphere of a clearing in a sub-tropical forest, combined with contemporary elements to provide the garden’s backbone.

The planting aims to be soft and informal, with an emphasis on foliage form, texture and colour. This sheltered city retreat provides a luxurious oasis to escape to."

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oak blocks in a garden
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