David Castle

With a slightly unorthodox start in life… Dave’s life experiences from a very early age have given him the drive and competence to turn a childhood passion into a successful company – Indigo Furniture.

Born in Manaus, Brazil, a city on the River Negro deep in the Amazon rainforest, David and his family travelled up the Amazon River by small launch, deep into the rain forest and settled just outside a native indian village.

Although only a small child at the time, David’s memories of the Indians and their customs are of the ways they sort out serious disputes. They make a whip, about ½ inch thick from the hide of a manatee (a river mammal), and then take it in turns to whip each other across the chest until one decides he has had enough. The dispute is now settled. Luckily for the Indigo team, Dave has never felt the need to recreate this at company meetings

At the age of seven, Dave went to a boarding school located on the Amazon River close to Manaus (well, just over two hours away actually, which is close by Brazilian standards!). Here he developed many skills, watching his father build the family home and furniture, fishing in the Amazon and taking an interest in the ways of the tribe. His love of wood and craftsmanship have helped create the ethos behind Indigo of keeping all things ‘natural’, along with supporting the welfare of trees through the Woodland Trust with whom Indigo work closely.

The Castle family moved to England when Dave was 10 years old, settling in the Peak District town of Matlock, where he met his business partner and friend, Miles. With very different backgrounds and personalities, their blend of characters have made them a good team both in and out of work. Miles’ design flair and knowledge of how to manufacture quality furniture is something that makes Indigo stand out in the furniture trade. Dave’s background is such that the phrase ‘been there, seen that’ could be the family motto. His subtle but firm perseverance ensures that the necessary things get done and the business drives forward successfully. The rest, as they say, is now history.

In his spare time, Dave can frequently be seen flying his paramotor over the Derbyshire Dales or helping the local Cromford Football Club – one of the oldest in the country. His leadership skills and ability to support and coach individuals, are attributes which Dave has carried over to his work at Indigo.

This approachability is extended to customers and David can always be contacted directly on David@indigofurniture.co.uk

- Thanks to Dave’s Mum (Olive) for helping with his story (its always been a bit of a mystery to us!) –

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