Introducing Indigo

The who, the what, the where, the how and the why…read on for the Indigo Story!


The Indigo story began when two old school friends, Dave Castle and Miles Gregory, saw an opportunity to introduce a unique, stylish and high quality brand of furniture to their home town of Matlock in Derbyshire. Miles and Dave’s personalities couldn’t be more different but when it comes to retail it became clear at an early age (while skipping maths together many years ago) that they did (and still do) share a desire and ambition to develop an exclusive brand of furniture and make it known across both Great Britain and Europe. It is with this desire and a few common principles in how making furniture should be done that they are well on the way to fulfilling their dreams.

Indigo Materials

Where we are now…

Indigo is a thriving, design-led business – we have a beautiful showroom in Matlock, our own local workshop just up the road and a great team of staff who all strive to achieve the highest possible standards of customer service. Miles & Dave are the instigators and founders of Indigo, but it’s our highly talented team who’ve “made it happen”…however at the end of the day it’s our wonderful furniture that we’re all very proud of!

The vision…

From the outset, Miles & Dave have been passionate about creating furniture with a difference – breaking the mould from the regular varnished pine which dominates the nation’s high streets. It is Miles’ Britishness and eccentric thinking that leads the way in the designs and Dave’s clarity and focus of retail that delivers. Their principles of creating simple and classic designs are what underpins Indigo’s design philosophy; inspiration is taken from many sources including the beautifully natural scenery of the dales along with the practical and innovative thinking that made Derbyshire one of the homes of the industrial revolution. The masculinity of many of the wooden pieces is offset by the sumptuous colours and textures of the interesting materials we select for our soft furnishings.

Indigo Products

Distinctive designs with a few key principles…

• Furniture that’s built for life – both the quality and the design will stand the test of time which is proved with our incredible guarantees of up to 15 years!

• We celebrate nature’s designs – by working to retain the characterful flaws in all our materials; we love the randomness of each and every timbers’ distinctive grain, the natural splits and shakes in our oak beams, the rustic swirling saw marks and the barbed-wire scratches in our rawhides and vintaged leathers – these are the fingerprints that make each piece unique. If you want plastic-looking furniture, then you are probably in the wrong place!

• Designed without compromise – each piece of Indigo Furniture is; it’s design-engineered with you in mind, and isn’t simply ‘built to match a drawing’ or made for ease of flat-pack. Prototypes are developed in our workshop – then everyone pitches in with their opinion and after much debate (and a few more prototypes) the new Indigo piece becomes part of the furniture family. This overcomes common issues such as getting the enormous furniture pieces into your house… and was an early Indigo learning which followed the challenge of how to get the enormous Plank Triple Wardrobe up some spiral stairs in an old barn conversion!

Spreading our wings…

With the increased use of the internet it would appear that we now have no geographic boundaries. The delivery fleet consists of 16 trucks, each running on Biodiesel and having the distinctive Indigo livery – which generates phone calls from excited family members from all over the country! The delivery teams are busy all around the UK, and our unique Indigo furniture has also attracted customers from far and wide including Dubai and various European countries (French and Swiss ski chalets are a popular destination). Our current most picturesque location (according to the delivery team) is a traditional wooden chalet at the foot of the Eiger in Switzerland… seems such a short time ago that the first Indigo truck was obtained via a swap for a wardrobe!

Indigo Woodland Trust

We love trees!…

Whilst we’re not a company full of tree-huggers, we ARE most definitely tree lovers and are keen to do our bit for sustainability – which is why we’ve linked up with the Woodland Trust, who have planted over 6,000 broad-leafed trees to date all courtesy of Indigo (not including all the trees planted to replace those used to make our furniture). Soon we’ll even be able to offer you wood briquettes made from our waste wood shavings – and we’ll be using them to heat our workshops and offices!

Being the best…

Indigo Furniture designs are often copied and we also hear about companies making claims that they are associated with us in some way or another. The fact is that if it doesn’t say Indigo on the furniture itself, then it is not from us! Indigo Furniture is not, and never has been, linked to any other furniture company – we make our own furniture using the highest quality materials and we never make for anyone else. We don’t sell any seconds, rejects, overruns or perfect goods to other companies including factory outlets (tip: we do have our own outlet sales from time to time though!). Please forgive the grumble here, but we’re all passionate about our products and to see them copied in an inferior way is always upsetting. If you hear any claims of association with Indigo please do contact us – or better still, visit us at the shop and see the difference for yourself, whilst sipping a cup of free (freshly ground) coffee!

Come and say hello…

Not that you need an excuse to come to us – just do it! We love our showroom – 2-storeys of our beautiful, exclusive Indigo furniture – and think back with disbelief to the original dilapidated ex-Boots the Chemists store that it was. Sometimes a crazy place to be (people have occasionally been known to jump out of wardrobes!), rarely a month goes by without a celebrity walking through our doors – it’s a gorgeous place and we highly recommend a visit (of course I guess we are biased). You don’t have to take our word for it… we were so pleasantly surprised when the Independent newspaper voted us one of the best furniture shops in the UK! It seems amazing that we’re up there, rubbing shoulders with all the other furniture giants such as John Lewis, Habitat and Heals!

Indigo In The Peaks

Who wouldn’t want to stay in the Peaks?…

Matlock has proven to be a great location for Indigo. You often ask us to spread our wings – but we love it here too much! This market town is often referred to as the ‘Gateway to the Peaks’ and was itself a popular Victorian Spa destination in its heyday. The local area is not only incredibly beautiful, but is also crammed full of interesting places and things to see and experience. We’re sure you’ll enjoy a visit to the Peak District whatever your personal interests, and if you’d like some recommendations on local places to stay please don’t hesitate to ask.

The future…

Whilst this (slightly self-indulgent) story now comes to a close, we have every faith that this does not conclude the Indigo story… and that it continues to a prosperous and exciting future for us all!

We do appreciate your thoughts and feedback, especially in respect of your experiences, opinions and desires for Indigo Furniture – it keeps us moving forward in the right direction. YOU are our top priority – we have genuine belief in our furniture and we want you to love Indigo as much as we do! Please do feel free to contact us. Finally, we thank you for your interest.

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