Miles Gregory

They say that he has sap running through his veins… Matlock boy born & bred, Miles’ family history is totally intertwined with the timber trade and, dating back through many generations to this day, his family members are still successfully running the local sawmills. It was a natural step for Miles to leave school at 16 to serve his joinery apprenticeship.

However, his entrepreneurial spirit* soon interfered with his career progression and once he’d mastered the art of joinery to perfection (“if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right”) it came as no surprise that he swiftly moved on to running his own business – a move from which he has never looked back. In fact he has lead a succession of businesses, with some early upsets only serving to fuel his ambition and his determination to ‘get it right’.

Indigo is a passion for Miles and has consumed his life for many years – it now seems that he & business partner Dave have ‘got it right’. They have a great partnership: Dave (himself, an unorthodox past and brings his own quirks to the fold!) reigns in Miles’ enthusiasm for pursuing ‘wow factor’ ideas and ensures that Indigo actually do deliver on their promises. The Indigo team work hard to ensure that your customer experience is second to none… to keep you coming back for more!

Miles has inherited his father’s business acumen and his mothers eye for detail – everything ‘Indigo’ must be absolutely perfect before Miles is satisfied (so much so that he has earned himself the nickname as ‘My Way Miles’!) and he endeavours to keep Indigo at the forefront of stylish design by creating and engineering furniture that is beautiful, functional and different.

Miles is a born leader with vision, self drive and motivation – and we all have to run fast to keep up! Despite his eccentricities [he’s a walking hothouse for new inventions; soup must NEVER be served in a mug; a strong Derbyshire accent interspersed with oddments like “rahhhspberries”; a frequently questionable sartorial style…], Miles is an honest guy who appreciates true ‘British’ values (along with mischievous pranks). A traditionalist at heart, albeit with a twist – this is the personality that he injects into his Indigo designs.

A note on Miles would never be complete without a mention of his famous ancestor of whom he is so immensely proud: George Stephenson, pioneering railway engineer and inventor of the Rocket: Miles conjures up a version of history with family ties so strong that you can virtually smell the grease and hot coals as he tells the tales, and he’ll create an image of mini-Miles riding the footplate with old Uncle George (for once in Miles’ life, please ignore the detail… of a 180 year time gap)! Hmmm, maybe GS is responsible for those restless genes that generate the constant stream of mad inventions…?!

When visiting the Peak District do make sure you keep an eye out for Miles, he can often be spotted up in the clouds enjoying his other passion in life, paramotoring (flying a duvet-shaped parachute with a lawnmower engine strapped to his back), or roaming the Derbyshire countryside in his “Tomb Raider” black Landrover with his trusty dog’s head sticking out at the back, hunting down suitable flying fields.

*whilst at school, Miles was not overly academic but instead chose to keep busy with his extra curricular activities – most memorably the buying, respraying and selling of bicycles…and then using some of the profit to pay some of the school swots to write his essays!

- Written by “The Mrs” (who remains highly entertained by Miles and his antics, despite 22 years together!) -

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