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Introducing the Brand New Riven Oak Range

With a history of creating distinctive and individual furniture we aspired to design a range that was entirely unique and offered our customers the opportunity to own stunning, statement making pieces of furniture that would last for generations to come – so the gauntlet was thrown down to our designers and craftsmen…..

……after months of hard work along with blood, sweat and tears we have finally completed our inspiring and beautifully individual Oak Range and without sounding too self-congratulatory we feel it represents the very best in British furniture design!

The story behind the design

To guarantee the range was completely unique and like nothing else in the market we started at source with a search for the very best timber in the world. Eventually we struck gold, finding the most incredible and characterful oak beams at a small family run sawmill on the edge of the Baltic Coast – the image of old machinery, the smell of shavings all set in an idyllic location is not far from the truth.

Having found the perfect timber we went “back to basics”; while modern machinery offers efficiency and reliability it “spits out” furniture that lacks any soul so the search began for a woodworking machine that would give our new range a heartbeat. We located a wartime “Ripsaw” dating back to the late 1930’s that had been left to rust, the key element to the saw was the giant circular blade (a definite case of they don’t make ‘em like this anymore!), so the task of lovingly and painstakingly restoring it began.

See our fully restored Ripsaw in action below…

Finally we adopted tried and tested, old fashioned (but still the best) techniques to build our initial designs; using mortise and tenon joints and dovetailed drawers we put together the first small range including a three drawer bedside, a double wardrobe, a bed and a chest drawers. The furniture was then hand finished – taking great care to leave as much of the wonderful saw markings and natural characteristics of the wood as possible.

The last and final piece of the jigsaw ironically proved to be the hardest….what to call it? So after some pretty heated debates we came to the conclusion that we’d ask our customers what to call it?

To find the perfect name we sent out newsletter to our loyal subscribers giving them the choice of Mill Sawn Oak, Raw Oak, Rip Sawn Oak, Riven Oak and Sawn Oak and also the opportunity to suggest their own ideas…..and they certainly didn’t let us down!

We had literally thousands of replies voting for their favourite name as well as some highly imaginative and sometimes “different” suggestions!

Just a few ideas were….

Angela Lewis offering of “DOH..I can’t believe Indigo is bringing out a new range of beautiful oak furniture just months after I bought Limed Range”

Bernadette Heyes genius idea of “Indi-oak”

Linda Semmens clever “fOAKlore”

Julie M Brett (aka Ned Flanders) fabulous suggestion of “Oakley Dokley”

And finally we all loved the suggestion from Dominique Ralf “My grandad was a master carpenter, so I would call it ‘Hudson Sawn Oak’ after him. He loved working with Oak”

But in the end we plumped for “Riven Oak” and our new baby was born!

To us our stunning new Riven Oak Range is Indigo personified; the rustic textures of the saw marks, hand forged ironwork and beautiful solid Oak timbers represent our very identity. All that remains now is for us to share it with you the customer…

…..click here to view the range.

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riven oak bedside skinny two drawers
solid riven oak desk
solid riven oak wardrobe
riven oak bed low loft futon
riven oak console table
riven oak chest of drawers tallboy four
solid riven oak wardrobe
Giant Riven Oak Cart Coffee Table
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