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Indigo’s collection of distinctive, handcrafted reclaimed furniture promises to bring history and character to your home. Hewn from solid, salvaged structural timbers which are sourced from disused factories and mills all over Britain and brought to Indigo’s Peak District workshop.

Craftsmen painstakingly remove metalwork from the timbers including bolts, brads and other signs of the timbers past life. The unique character of reclaimed furniture is created by the marks and notches left by such metalwork - the integral story of the provenance and heritage of each piece.

Indigo’s creative team have sourced timbers from some iconic sites which include The Rolls Royce factory and the Big Dipper roller coaster in Blackpool to create an inspired collection of reclaimed furniture with includes the delightful reclaimed Mill Cart Coffee Table; inspired by the mill carts used throughout the Industrial revolution to transport bolts of cloth across the factory floor in mills such as Cromford’s Mason and Awkright’s mill.

Signature pieces from Indigo’s reclaimed furniture collection include the iconic reclaimed bed - built from solid reclaimed timbers and completed with hand-forged metalwork; an imposing statement piece which create a characterful focal point in your sleeping space. A delightful addition to a barn conversion or room with exposed beams.

Each piece from Indigo’s reclaimed furniture range is delivered with it’s own signed, limited edition certificate, and a complimentary Indigo Care Pack. Visit the Indigo character of reclaimed timber pages to learn more about this unique collection which also includes the evocative reclaimed beam table. 

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