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Indigo’s handcrafted leather sofas and armchairs promise the ultimate in luxury and comfort age-old techniques are used to create Aniline leather furniture with exceptional character, which will develop further in your home through the rough and tumble of everyday life.

Using hand-selected English rawhides, tanned in Italy, Indigo’s 21 day process leather to achieves an inspired vintage quality. With three signature finishes to choose from. Leather sofas and chairs are defined by an ultra tactile hand feel. Hand-selected hides used to create Indigo sofas and armchairs are akin to the grade used in the luxury automobile industry. Tumbled in a wooden tub for an inviting softness.

Aniline leather retains its character throughout the this artisanal process. The marks of wear and tear are celebrated, resulting in a welcoming homely piece which will become your next family heirloom. The individuality of each hide is left uncorrected, including natural scars, branding, blemishes and wrinkles. This natural grain and surface interest adds to the story heritage of our leather products. Iconic designs such as the Chesterfield-inspired Grandad Sofa and generous Big One Sofa will stand proudly in your home, bringing character and comfort.  
For peace of mind, our leather sofas, armchairs and benches are sealed with a renowned 10 year guarantee. A substantial collection of leather seating, including leather dining chairs, occasional chairs and footstools. Accessories like bookmarks, placemats and cushions help add texture and warmth to any home.
Choose from Aged Saddle, Conker Saddle or Faded Saddle. Sporting an antique quality and matte finish, Aged Saddle is finished with eight layers of hand applied wax. The burnished charm and warm chestnut tone of Conker Saddle is enhanced hand-applied oils. Faded Saddle sporting a rich chocolate hue. Order a pack of three samples to help you decide which finish is best for your home.
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