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It’s been a discerning choice for many generations and continues to be so today. With good reason. Handmade oak furniture offers timeless style that can be showcased in both modern and traditional homes. The soft, pale hues and subtle grains offer a pleasing and understated look that will always complement treasured belongings in addition to more recent home purchases.


Indigo offers a substantial collection of oak furniture, hand crafted in our own workshops with passion and flair. We design without compromise and use time honoured skills that deserve to be lovingly preserved for the generations to come. We make furniture to last a lifetime; to support you and your family through the years and to never let you down. Indigo furniture can help to make your house a home.

Our oak collection includes beds, tables, chests, wardrobes and a great deal more. Consider The Millers Oak Bed as an example. Displaying a simple, honest design, it is crafted with mortice and tenon joints to ensure total robustness, whilst restored British band and circular saws cut the wood to reward you with our trademark saw marks that lend a helping hand to the character of the piece. This oak bed is a welcoming sight at bedtime.

The Oak Tallboy also demonstrates our obsessive attention to detail. Available with four, five or six dovetail drawers, this sturdy oak chest can help to organise any room in your home with style. Bespoke, hand-finished metalwork and hours of hand polishing with beeswax add to the distinctive finish, whilst we can assure you of its service life with a 15 year guarantee.

Our showrooms in Matlock and Harrogate are generously filled with much of our oak furniture collection, offering you the perfect opportunity to see for yourself just how precisely and carefully we make our furniture.

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