Helping you to present calm and order in your home, Indigo can offer you a collection of fine, handmade cupboards that will organise any room whilst adding character and a homely touch to your belongings.

Our cupboards might come in all shapes and size but they all boast the same, uncompromising standards. Crafted from solid wood in distinctive Indigo designs, our skilled furniture makers use time honoured skills and machinery to ensure that every piece meets our approval and exceeds yours. We pride ourselves in creating furniture that lasts a lifetime.

The Alderman Petite Oak Cupboard is an interesting example from our selection of versatile cupboards. Made from solid oak, this steadfast piece hosts three dovetail drawers and a small cupboard. The balanced design includes inset panels and a sturdy plinth, enabling this cupboard to work hard for you, whether in the hallway, kitchen or living room.

The Narrow Plank Cupboard is an excellent choice when space is a little limited. Crafted in our signature Plank design, this tall, characterful cupboard made from solid pine houses four sturdy shelves and a handy base drawer to hold daily bits and bobs. Finished with traditional, hand-forged metalwork, this cupboard stands well in a hallway or perhaps in a corner of the kitchen.

You can view our selection of cupboards in our Matlock and Harrogate showrooms, whilst chatting to our friendly and knowledgeable sales advisors.

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