Dressing Room

Your dressing room should be a quiet place of order and calm; a real haven away from the hustle and bustle of the often more chaotic rooms of the house. Thanks to our distinctive collection of dressing room furniture, you can bring some organisation to an often overlooked area of your house. Whether reserved for yourself, your partner or your children, a room like this should be free of clutter and ready to use in an instant. Which is exactly where great storage solutions come in.

Meet our Tall Alderman Gents’ Oak Wardrobe. It’s an ideal addition to your dressing room, thanks to its elegant inset panels made from solid oak, and abundance of storage space. With plenty of drawers, this piece – finished with bespoke metal work and beeswax – is both practical and stylish.

It’s all in the detail with this bespoke item, too, which has been crafted in European oak for a distinctive Indigo look. For an added bonus, it comes with a 15-year guarantee to give you all the assurance you need that by buying this piece you’re making a real investment.

The Plank Mirror, meanwhile, is a great addition to a dressing table or other storage unit. Allowing you to easily get ready in the morning, the mirror is built in solid, slow-growing Quebec pine and lends light and ambience to your home.

If more storage is what you’re looking for though, how about the Junior Wardrobe? A popular choice amongst the Indigo range, this piece has been designed to pair with our corresponding Junior collection of furniture and offers robust storage for your possessions.

Come and see our collection for yourself or pick up the phone and we’ll happily help you with your queries, ensuring that you make the right choice when considering dressing room furniture. 

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