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Guest Instagrammer | Clare Kelly

Clare Kelly is the Features Editor for Practical Caravan and Practical Motorhome Magazines. She is also a TV presenter on The Caravan Channel. Clare is often out on the road hunting new places to share with her readers and Instagram followers. Here is a selection of Indigo’s favourite photographs with a closer insight from Clare about each.

1 // Highcliffe, Dorset

I love getting up early and this was taken at Highcliffe in Dorset. It was a really cold day but as I walked down from the car park, through the woodland, the sea revealed itself. These multi coloured beach huts really captured my imagination; I really want one! I’d sit in it with a cup of tea or a bag of chips with plenty of salt and vinegar.

2 // Sunset in Somerset

2. Watching the daylight change constantly inspires me and this view in Somerset looked stunning at sunset. I had to get it quickly so ran over to get my phone as soon as I spotted it!

3 // Looe, Cornwall

Here’s Looe in Cornwall. I met some great characters in this traditional fishing town including Dave who runs the fish market and takes people out mackerel fishing. It was my first time and I caught two on one line. Then he made me gut them in the middle of the sea…

4 // Masham, Yorkshire

These sheep were being herded up just outside Masham in Yorkshire. I think they were going off to market and I hopped out of the car to have a chat with the farmers. They couldn’t understand why I was so fascinated! I had to explain I live in London where there are no sheep.

5 // Bristol

I was doing a shoot in Bristol and this was daybreak near the campsite I was staying at. It was actually quite a busy road but I hopped over the gate and into the field; crunching frost covered grass as I did.

6 // Gold Hill, Shaftesbury

Ah the famous Hovis Hill! Also known as Gold Hill in Shaftesbury. How that boy pushed a bicycle up the hill, I’ll never know. I could barely walk up and down without being out of breath. It’s a popular spot for photographers and lots of people post pictures of it on Instagram — each one showing a different side of it.

7 // Littlehampton

One Sunday, just after Christmas, my friend and I wanted to get away and see the sea. We’d heard about East Beach Café in Littlehampton and its award-winning design so that’s where we went for fizz and chips! After dinner, I danced barefoot on the sand.

8 // Birmingham Library

Who knew a library could look this awesome? The new Library of Birmingham is an incredible building and features two roof terraces where you can watch the city unfold in front of your eyes. If that doesn’t get people into books, I don’t know what will.

9 // Airstream caravan in Lancashire

So, here’s an Airstream at sunset in Lancashire. These iconic trailers are loved by many and are really expensive. I’m lucky enough to get to stay in them for my job and check out my view. For all those who’ve never got into caravanning, I’d say, give it a go!

You can view more of Clare’s photos on Instagram and follow her travels on Twitter.

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