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Interior Trends | Top 5 Bookcase Wallpaper

Bookcase wallpaper makes a great feature wall for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and offices. Alcoves can be transformed to create an illusion of depth and make rooms appear bigger than they actually are. This realistically designed wallpaper is available in a variety of styles to suit your colour scheme and theme of your room.

1 // Bookshelves Wallpaper by Tracy Kendall

Tracy Kendall is a British wallpaper designer. Her unique and innovative designs add image and texture to walls, whilst not overpowering the overall design of the room.

The bookshelves wallpaper from the 2014 Elle Deco International Design Award winning designer, is a great example of how wallpaper can transform a room corner.

“My aim with this range of work is to fool the eye into thinking the books are real, the quality of the printing is so good that people can use them as a faux library if they wish, they are then saying yes to the books we have as a family at home, warts and all but that’s the fun of it.”

– Tracy Kendall

2 // Sepia Bookshelf Wallpaper by Young & Battaglia

Beautiful old antique books in warm Sepia tones sat atop wooden shelves, a timeless wallpaper evocative of Dickens classics.

3 // New Antique Books Wallpaper by Deborah Bowness // Photographer – Julian Anderson

A medium weight paper, machine printed, hand silk screen printed with colour and finished with exquisite hand painted detail. Hand Made in England.

4 // First Edition Jonquil Wallpaper by Icon From Prestigious Textiles

An eclectic collection inspired by classical imagery – a slick of vibrant yellow lends a 3 dimensional complimented with cool greys and white.

5 // Library Wallpaper by Albany
The Round Arm Leather Sofa by Indigo Furniture

A traditional library design in a muted palette of dull reds, browns and green,other colour ways are available.

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