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Interior Trends | Top 5 Filament Light Bulbs

Forget lampshades, exposed filament light bulbs are the latest lighting trend this season.

Filament light bulbs are available in a range of shapes and sizes. Their key details are the hair like filaments which produce a warm and inviting glow. The filaments are crafted in interesting and unusual patterns. Thus creating a stunning light feature for the home.

The light bulbs were invented by Thomas Edison in 1879. Although he did not invent the light bulbs, he did invent the first commercially practical incandescent light.

1// Classic Edison Loop Filament Lightbulbs – £14.40

Urban Cottage Industries are based in Yorkshire. They are the UK’s leading supplier and manufacturer of vintage lighting and lighting products. UCI work with British and European manufacturer who make products using original skills and materials.

“Our incandescent or filament bulbs produce a warm flattering light with excellent colour rendering. They are made in Switzerland to the highest quality and environmental standards. Traditional incandescent bulbs and modern fluorescent lamps are like chalk and cheese; they might sometimes look a little similar, but they fulfill different functions. For relaxation, companionship and conversation, old-fashioned filament bulbs are absolutely unbeatable.”

– Urban Cottage Industries

Here are a selection of other Filament Light Bulbs currently available.

2// Nook Mimime Globe Quad Loop – £20.00

3// Industville Vintage Edison Bulbs – £12.00

4// Dowsing and Reynolds Vintage Light Bulb: Medium Globe – £13.99

5// Scandalaskan Three Bulb Cluster Chandelier Lighting – £120.60