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Roberts Radio are a British brand leader in portable radios and are well known for their high quality iconic designs built to last a lifetime. Roberts Radios can be found in nearly two thousand radio shops and department stores with stockists across the world.

Revival DAB Union Jack Radio

“From humble beginnings in 1932, our company has earned its star status by remaining true to its brand values and fiercely protecting our brand identity.

The Revival radio has become our signature design and an icon in its own right. Each model is still hand built and the design appeals to all ages. With the breadth of colours available, it is equally suitable for both men and women.

In many ways the Revival and our other retro radio designs such as the Sovereign and The Vintage radio are timeless and there is a real comfort to be had from a sense of history. This probably explains why these products are so fashionable right now and have been so for some time – our heritage and the trust for our brand, built up over the last 80 years is probably our most valuable asset today.”

– Roberts Radio

The Vintage Radio in Cream

Founded by Harry Roberts in partnership with Leslie Bidmead, Roberts Radio have thrived for over 80 years creating a range of products not just for the home.

They have produced specialist equipment for expeditions and have aided the Second World War effort with their supply of radio equipment such as Morse key and plug assemblies to the Ministry of Aircraft Production.

The Vintage Radio in Black

In the 1970s the sales of traditionally designed radios were declining due to consumers purchasing more technically advanced looking products. However this soon changed in 1989 following an advertisement from Martini which featured an original Roberts Radio. People were requesting to buy traditional radios again and so Roberts Radio introduced the Revival radio.

Clarke and Clarke Revival DAB in Bramble Trails

Today Roberts Radio are proud to hold two Royal Warrants and are developing new technologies and products to maintain their well established position within the radio manufacturing industry.

The Revival can be bought with transistor, DAB, Blutune or iStream technologies. Choose from a range of colours and prints including their latest collaboration with fabrics and wallcoverings designers Clarke & Clarke.

Clarke and Clarke Revival DAB in Rover

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