Perhaps the most popular room in your home, the kitchen is often the heart of all activity and deserves to be furnished with hard working and distinctive furniture that will add to the warmth and character of this important space.

Take, for example, the beautiful Narrow Plank Shelf Unit. It’s a delightful kitchen piece built using traditional techniques and crafted to stand the test of time, wherever you decide to position it.

Manufactured in solid, slow-growing Quebec pine and sporting a traditional plinth top and bottom, along with five shelves and a handy base drawer, this piece sits happily in a kitchen. That said, it’ll also perfectly complement a hallway, living or dining area, affording you plenty of storage space while adding interest to your home in the process. With mortise and tenon joints, the piece has been built using wartime machinery to give the shelf unit real character and charm.

Another piece definitely worth a look for your kitchen is our Alderman Open Top Zinc Dresser. A unique oak piece designed to complement our corresponding range of zinc furniture, this is ideal for displaying crockery and glassware on its sturdy shelves. Breaking down for delivery, this dresser is also easy to install and reposition should you fancy moving it elsewhere in your home.

The Parlour Oak Cupboard, meanwhile, offers simple and fuss-free storage for crockery, table linens and cookery books. A strong and steadfast design, it’s been crafted from solid oak and sports three shelves, along with drawers.

Want to know more about furniture that works in your kitchen? Visit us in either our Matlock or Harrogate showrooms, or give us a call on 01629 581800. 

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