Rustic Tables

If you’re looking to inject a warming, homely touch to your eating area, you might be considering rustic tables. Handcrafted from solid wood, many of our dining tables would fit this description perfectly and give you years of happy memories around a family table.

All of our furniture is quite simply, made without compromise and every little detail is given the attention that it truly deserves. Made in our own workshops, we have a team of skilled and long-standing furniture makers that will craft your choice of design with the utmost care, using time-honoured techniques and restored wartime machinery.

An excellent example of our rustic tables is The Rafters Table, crafted from slow growing Quebec pine – the cool climate ensuring that the wood grows slow and true. The relaxed design is traditional and honest, offering simple lines and a lustrous finish, thanks to the hours spent hand polishing with beeswax. The table pairs seamlessly with The Mill Chair or alternatively, consider a leather dining chair if you wish to introduce an air of sophistication.

Meanwhile, The Millers Plank Table is crafted from broad planks of solid wood which boast our signature saw marks – something that makes each piece unique to you. Team it with a couple of our wood benches for a truly informal eating space or opt for a more sophisticated set of dining chairs, should you wish to create a different feel in your home. Breaking down for delivery (like many of our dining tables) we take the hassle out of delivery and installation, regardless of any awkward corners or doorways.

We construct our rustic tables in many sizes and should you wish, we can offer a tailor made service to ensure that you enjoy your perfect dining table. Please call us on 01629 581800 or visit one of our showrooms and we’ll be happy to tell you more. 

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