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Discover Indigo furniture that dismantles into parts for practical installation to your home.


Every home is unique, many Indigo Furniture designs break down as standard for ease of delivery and installation. Respectful of modern apartments and traditional cottages, pieces are crafted to split into the composite parts – for ease and practicality.

“Access is always a worry in London, it’s nice to know you don’t have to compromise on quality to make sure things can actually make it inside your home!”

A. Wilson | Indigo Customer


  • For an airy barn conversion with loft spaces or a mezzanine, dismantle beds for carrying up stairs or ladders.
  • Welcome furniture into an elegant Georgian terrace, without struggling up the steps to the front door or scratching precious paintwork.

  • Thatched cottages may have petite doorways, rustic low beams and hidden nooks; all easily outsmarted by furniture that dismantles.
  • The cosy rooms and rural locations of a gamekeeper’s cottage can enjoy imposing furniture with ease.


An impressive piece like The Merchant’s Chest need not be out of reach – it is specially crafted to dismantle. Victorian furniture has always broken down to accommodate alcoves, attics and architectural features.

The needs of buildings and their occupants have changed over the centuries. Fireplaces were once surrounded by parlour chairs rather than sofas, so your ideal living space may not be instantly accessible. Basement kitchens, a relic from when the servants were kept downstairs, can be appreciated to their full potential as luxury recreation rooms.

“I’ve always loved the look of Merchant’s Plank Chest and the different drawers appeal to my sense of everything having its own place! I really wanted one in my bedroom but as it’s a converted loft with a narrow-ish staircase, I thought this was virtually impossible … until now! The grain and colour of this piece are particularly attractive, and the quality and workmanship are evident.”

L. Carr | Indigo Customer


Indigo’s furniture for small, unusual spaces allows you to install the pieces you love in the perfect place in your home. Release your imagination and create a unique property. Done well, larger items of furniture in small rooms can actually make it seem more spacious.

Inspired by the past, Indigo’s co-founder Miles Gregory created a piece that cleverly dismantles into two halves. Joins can be part of a piece of furniture’s charm, yet when assembled the Merchant’s Chest’s join is craftily hidden.

“A piece as large as this could create issues with delivery and access so the light bulb moment was cutting it clean in half. The skill of our workshop ensure that the divide is hardly visible and the delivery teams bring the piece in two halves and install in your room of choice. This piece has been a big hit with customers living in small cottages, mews and those with awkward staircases.”

– Miles Gregory, Indigo Co-Director.

“Both Scott and Sean were extremely helpful, friendly and obliging. Having just moved in, our house is full of boxes and obstacles but that was no problem and they cheerfully worked around it. Having shown them where to put everything they not only delivered and constructed the items but took it upon themselves to set them up.

Thanks to both. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Indigo.”

C. Aldridge | Indigo Customer


Ideal furniture for small spaces and flats, Indigo pieces are delivered and installed in your home by a dedicated two man team of our own trained drivers. Robust, branded cardboard packaging, made locally just a stone’s throw from Indigo’s head office in Derbyshire, and unique to Indigo, protects the furniture on its travels and your property during delivery.

Indigo’s two-man teams take the highest of care in your home, assembling furniture in the room of your choice.

  • Offering help and advice for your new piece and removing all packaging for recycling.
  • If you choose to move home, the furniture can be easily dismantled, contact our service team for more information. 
  • Versatile furniture that can be carried up and down stairs or to different rooms, without the need for removal men.


Handcrafted leather sofas with removable arms, solid oak and pine beds that dismantle down to the slats. With a reassuring money back guarantee if it won’t fit*, so you know you’re making the right choice. Whether you’re furnishing a flat or a historic property, don’t hesitate on a design you love because of its size. Look out for “Breaks Down For Delivery” on our product pages, or give us a call to discuss the needs of your home.


Below are the pieces of furniture that break down as standard, although many of our pieces can be adapted to dismantle as part of Indigo’s Tailor Made Service. Call the dedicated Indigo bespoke department to discuss your options – they will work closely with your sales advisor to achieve your unique requirements. The Tailor Made Service can also alter existing Indigo designs by height, width and depth to ensure a perfect fit in your home.


Beds, Wardrobes, Chests of Drawers, Dressing Tables

Create an impressive master bedroom with solid wood furniture that dismantles. The Crofter’s Bed – a low framed bed that breaks down into a headboard, footboard, siderails and slats – is ideal for low ceilings and cosier spaces.

The Merchant’s Bed fully also breaks down board by board, making it handy for tight stairs and attics. All our Wardrobes (excluding single) break down fully into multiple parts, ready for our expert team of delivery drivers to assemble on site.

Examples of Bedroom Furniture Made to Breakdown:


Sofas, Armchairs, Bookcases

Chests of Drawers like The Merchant’s Chest and Grand Merchant’s Chest are divided into two for easier access to your home. All drawers are removable, to make pieces of furniture lighter should you move home. Most Indigo Sofas break down including arms, feet and cushions.

The imposing Big One Sofa can even be split halfway at request as part of the Indigo Tailor Made service for an extra charge.

Examples of Living Room Furniture Made to Breakdown


Dining Tables, Dressers, Benches

All Indigo Dining Tables have removable legs for ease of access to your kitchen or dining space, making a grand table possible for the cosiest of family dining spaces.

Dressers dismantle into a top and bottom part, to be manoeuvred through doors, hallways and difficult turns.

Examples of Dining Room Furniture Made to Breakdown


Add a touch of grandeur to your home office, library or study with a solid wood desk from Indigo. All desks can be dismantled into manageable parts, so you can easily convert a spare room or attic space into a peaceful space for working, writing, or using technology.

Examples of Home Office Furniture Made to Breakdown: