The Story of Indigo Furniture



How Indigo went from a local furniture maker to a nationally recognised name.




Indigo Furniture is the combined passion of Miles Gregory and David Castle. Miles’s knowledge, heritage and maverick design streak is apparent in Indigo’s unique aesthetic, whilst David’s passion drives the brand forward; taking Indigo from a local furniture maker to a nationally recognised name.

Image: Co-founder Miles Gregory accepts delivery of a load of salvaged timber bound for Indigo’s reclaimed collection.



Indigo co-founder Miles Gregory’s has a rich family heritage in timber and woodworking. The local water powered sawmills dating back to the 1850s is still a thriving business in the Gregory family today.


Miles is inherently influenced by his family’s rich history in the local timber industry. Alongside memories of his childhood home, and the furniture in it.

Welcoming armchairs upholstered in love-worn leathers and faded Liberty print, the staunch kitchen table at the heart of the house. The family dogs curled at the front of his mother’s Aga where she baked scones and made her own furniture polish with molten Beeswax poured into a Mason jar.

“We search far and wide for our reclaimed timbers, there’s nothing better than having a table in your home made from a landmark such as the Big Dipper. Many of us would have rode on it as a child, and that’s now preserved forever.”


David’s early sense of adventure prevails, born in Manaus, Brazil, a city on the River Negro deep in the Amazon rainforest; where he lived with his family on the outskirts of a native Indian village. Watching his father build the family home and furniture had a profound effect on David and has fuelled a desire to create, and a respect for the environment; an ethos that is reflected in the sustainable timber used in all of Indigo’s designs.

“We use only legally and sustainably obtained timber; our Pine, sourced from Canada is governed by stringently regulated forest management. For every tree cut down to make Indigo’s Plank and Plank Beam furniture three are planted in its place.”


Characterised by a desire to surpass expectation. Lasting design built upon a foundation of skill, knowledge and exceptional materials.

Made by Indigo craftsmen in Indigo’s own workshops, sealed with renowned guarantees of up to 15 years; testament to the steadfast and enduring Indigo build.

Featuring The Reclaimed Table and Tall Roll Back Chairs.


Each stage of the design and build process is controlled and overseen resulting in characterful furniture, built to last a lifetime. From the hand-selected timber to the bespoke, hand cast metal work - made to Indigo’s exacting pattern makers detail.


Indigo’s extensive collection is showcased at a flagship store on the heart of Matlock’s historic Dale Road, over three floors at our showroom on the corner of Prince’s and Albert Street in the centre of Harrogate and at our latest store in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

The Indigo Furniture showrooms are open seven days a week. Please visit the showrooms pages to see in-store highlights and meet the team.