Indigo's collection of doorstops are handmade in natural leather and cowhide to match the collection of upholstered furniture. Choose from a range of sizes and colours each with their own unique markings to bring character to your home.

From desk tidies to leather mouse mats and bookmarks, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for here on the site. And if you have a need to prop open a living or dining room door – perhaps to open up conjoining rooms - our doorstops might be the answer. Like our Leather Door Pod, for example. A soft, heavy door pod crafted from off-cuts of Indigo’s aniline leather, this has been designed with a sturdy strap, before being finished with our distinctive branding. Functional and appealing, it’s all in the detail with these doorstops, which are available in a variety of leather choices. Tanned in Italy, the leather undergoes a thorough 21-day process to ensure the gorgeous aged end product you see when you receive the piece.

Or why not take a look at our Lazy Calf Doorstop? It’s a petite version of our unique Lazy Cow doorstop and it’s handcrafted from Indigo’s signature aniline leather. Sporting a tuft of fringe and a cute tilted head which gives the cow an inquisitive look, the doorstop is an exclusive piece of Indigo homeware. The Lazy Cow Doorstop, meanwhile, has been hand-crafted from Indigo’s signature aniline leather and just radiates personality. With a wild fringe and tilted head, this cute cow has been handcrafted in Indigo’s own workshop, using a 21-day leather process which offers an attractive heritage finish.

If you’d like to know more about any of these doorstops, do not hesitate to get in touch on 01629 581800.

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