Garment Holders

Create order in your wardrobe with our unique branded garment holders. Made from natural, solid wood, they’ve been designed with you in mind. Shaped and notched to prevent prized possessions -like luxurious cashmere jumpers or huge woollen winter coats – from slipping off and onto the floor of the wardrobe, these coat hangers will also help maintain the shape of clothes.

Crafted to compliment Indigo’s beautiful collection of wardrobes and other storage, these garment holders will prove practical and stylish. Order your clothing by height, colour or even material and rest assured that when you fling open the door to your wardrobe everything will look neat and tidy. It’s true that there’s something very satisfying about a neat and orderly wardrobe – and thanks to a seemingly small detail like these wooden holders, you’ll be able to enjoy that feeling for yourself.

If you’re yet to check out our full range of hand-crafted furniture – made with love, care and the utmost attention to detail by our skilled, time-served craftsmen – we’d love to show you around our showrooms. We have three - one in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, one in Harrogate, Yorkshire and the other in Matlock, Derbyshire - simply call ahead on 01629 581800 to discuss a particular piece or style of furniture and we’ll make sure we have some options ready for you to look at.

Perhaps you’d also like to check out our range of desk accessories while you’re visiting us too? They’ll help you bring the same level of organisation to your home office as you’re hoping to bring to your wardrobe with these garment holders. Don’t forget to ask us about the range when you pop in; we’re looking forward to seeing you.

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