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Indigo’s Plank furniture collection is hewn from solid, slow growing Quebec Pine, sourced from the vast lands of Canada where the cooler climate ensures the timber grows slow and true, resulting in a staunch and steadfast timber with delightful surface interest and linear grain; brought to life with a hand finish of nourishing Beeswax.

The Indigo range of Plank furniture is comprehensive, ensuring you can create a cohesive look in your home. Dining tables, coffee tables, beds and storage are all crafted in Indigo’s distinct Plank style and sealed with renowned guarantees of up to 15 years.

Defined by heritage woodworking techniques such as mortice and tenon joints and dovetail drawers the entire collection of Plank furniture is lovingly designed and made at Indigo’s own workshops using restored Wartime machinery. Characterful saw marks created by such machinery are left on the surface of the wood - an Indigo trademark and testament to the work and craftsmanship imparted into each piece.

Signature pieces from the Plank furniture range include the Miller’s Plank Table - a rustic table crafted from broad planks of solid timber which will bring farmhouse dining to the heart of your home, pair with benches to create a welcoming space with plenty of room for family and friends. Key Plank storage pieces include the innovative Merchant’s Chest designed in two halves ensuring that even small or awkward spaces can benefit from a robust Chest Of Drawers.

Visit Indigo in Harrogate and Matlock to view Plank furniture in-situ please do note it’s always worth calling ahead as due to an extensive range we are unable to display each piece. 

Indigo Furniture Limited has ceased to trade | See more information here

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