Kingsize Wooden Beds

Choose distinctive Kingsize Wooden Beds crafted by Indigo Furniture in a traditional manner using time honoured techniques. Built in solid Plank and Oak timbers each Indigo design is available as a Kingsize Wooden Bed; these include The Georgian Plank Bed, The delightful Millers Plank Bed and The Grangers Oak Bed. Attention to detail at each stage of the design and build ensures a staunch and steadfast bed which will stand the test of time; sealed with renowned guarantees of 15 years.

Pair Kingsize Wooden Beds with matching wardrobes, bedsides and wardrobes to create a calm and restful sanctuary in which you can rest and relax. Kingsize Wooden Beds are the perfect choice if you desire like the luxury of a larger bed yet don’t have the space for a Superking Size bed. They are also ideal for couples who like a little extra space at night.

Indigo Kingsize Wooden Beds, as with all of our beds are installed for you in your room of choice by our fully trained delivery drivers. If you are unsure if a you have the room for Kingsize Wooden Beds please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01629 581800 and one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales advisors will be delighted to help you measure your space and ensure access such as hallways and doorways are not a problem.

Team handcrafted Kingsize Wooden Beds with an artisan mattress from Guild Of Master craftsmen members The Smeaton Brothers Of Yorkshire. Each mattress is individually produced from the finest materials.

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