Childrens Bedroom

The Indigo collection of childrens bedroom furniture has been designed to be both timeless and innovative. Choose from a collection of oak, solid wood and pine pieces including the Junior Bunk Bed designed to be split down into two single beds as well as functioning as a bunk bed.

At Indigo, our furniture is made to stand the test of time and comes sealed with a lengthy guarantee to give you all the assurance you need that you’re purchasing quality pieces. Our Junior Cube Storage is no exception. An ideal piece for a childrens bedroom, it’s versatile and attractive and can be used to store possessions or as a handy seat. Handmade from solid, slow-growing Quebec pine using traditional woodworking techniques, this is available in double and triple sizes. A truly adaptable storage solution that can be put to good use – and either laid horizontally or stood vertically – in a childrens bedroom, it’s all in the detail with this cube.

But while storage might be on your mind, have you also considered a new bed and mattress? Our Junior Reflex Mattress is a great choice for your little one; it’s crafted from sumptuous padding and features a plain damask border in stretch hypo-allergenic fabric. Is your child a little bookworm? You’ll want to check out our Junior Plank Bookcase, which is absolutely ideal for a childrens bedroom. Helping him or her keep her space neat, tidy and organised, this Canadian pine case has been crafted with care.

Want to see it, or any of the other pieces mentioned here, in our showroom? Simply call ahead on 01629 581800 to discuss a particular piece.

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