Bring light and comfort to your conservatory with Indigo's collection of unique sofas, chairs and tables. Choose from a range of bright fabric colours and partner with signature oak and plank to create a relaxing and inviting space.

From gorgeous chairs to comfortable sofas, you’ll find it all here at Indigo. Read Less Like The Sporting Life Tub Chair, for example. This is an Indigo piece which features an ultra-deep base cushion enveloped by an arched, sloping back. Lending a vintage air to your home, it’s an invitingly elegant occasional chair just perfect for reading a book in or enjoying an afternoon cup of tea in your conservatory.

For something equally attractive yet slightly larger, how about The Grandad Highland Wool and Leather Sofa? It’s just made for the autumn and winter seasons in particular, owing to its beautiful shade and print. Built over a robust, kiln-dried wooden frame by our skilled team of craftsmen, this piece has been upholstered in highland wool – a bold tartan print of rich hues. If you like this sofa, there’s also a complementary chair: the Highland Wool Tub Chair.

A comfortable piece with a welcoming curved arm which slopes downward for support, this chair has been crafted in signature fabrics for a distinctive Indigo aesthetic. Keen to hear more about this beautiful conservatory piece, or any of the others that make up our range? Simply contact our friendly and dedicated sales team on 01629 581800.

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