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Thanks to our beautiful range of solid wood furniture, you can transform a guest room into a stylish haven for friends and family. As each and every one of our guest beds and storage pieces are handcrafted in our own workshops, you can be sure of the utmost quality and craftsmanship.

But if that wasn’t the assurance you need, our items come with a lengthy guarantee which confirms that ours are strong and steadfast pieces. Read Less The Saddler’s Bed, for instance, will prove a great addition to any guest room. A statement piece upholstered in Indigo’s trademark aniline leather, this leather sleigh bed is available to purchase in either Aged Saddle or Conker Saddle. Created from a thorough 21-day process, our leather develops a delightful and unique patina. Adding interest to any room, this beautiful sleigh bed is built from a kiln-dried hardwood frame by our talented time-served craftsmen.

Or how about The Poet’s Oak Bed, another gorgeous piece suitable for a guest room? A four-poster bed which will become the focal point of your sleeping space, this piece features elegant tapered posts sitting atop a single oak footboard. Breaking down for delivery and ease of installation, this indulgent bed has been crafted using restored wartime machinery and hand-finished with beeswax. Our Georgian Panel Plank Bed is another sound investment for a guest room. Crafted from solid wood, this classic design features planks of slow-growing Quebec pine sourced from the vast lands of Canada – where the cool climate ensures wood grows slow and true.

Interested in hearing more about this beautiful piece, or any of the others that make up our range? Simply contact our friendly and dedicated sales team on 01629 581800.

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