Bring a sense of order and calm to your hallway with handcrafted hallway furniture from Indigo. Ensure the entrance to your home is clutter free and organised with this unique collection of hallway furniture, hand built to the Indigo aesthetic. Tidy away newspapers, paperwork, wellington boots, keys and other bits and bobs with solid wood cube storage units, console tables, bookcases and Chest Of Drawers.


Choose a console table as hallway furniture; versatile and hardworking storage pieces which can be crafted with a handy base shelf – the ideal spot for rattan boxes or zinc storage tubs to tidy away magazines, hats and scarves and children’s school satchels.

The Plank Hallway Storage Stand has been designed as part of the Indigo collection of wooden hallway furniture and crafted specifically with a busy home in mind, with ample space for coats and jackets, sporting shelves and drawers and bespoke, hand-cast metalwork includes four innovative swivel hooks each with three prongs – allowing for ease of access for all of the families coats.

Bring a welcome ambience with a large handcrafted mirror, lending space and light to your hallway giving the illusion of a larger room. Add a leather or fabric occasional chair such as The Vintage Snug for a touch of textured comfort and inviting luxury and the perfect spot to remove your wellington boots.

If you would like to see any of the Indigo hallway furniture range in either our Matlock or Harrogate showrooms please do call ahead on 01629 581800 to ensure the piece you would like to see is on display.

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