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Create an inspired workspace with solid wood home office furniture from Indigo. A definitive collection of home office furniture which includes handcrafted storage, desks, bookcases and filing cabinets built to the unique Indigo aesthetic.

Hand selected Quebec Pine and Oak of European is crafted with traditional techniques to create this innovative collection of handcrafted home office furniture. Store pending paperwork, bills and magazine clippings; stash documents and recipes in this range of home office furniture; original desk designs - crafted with extra functionality.

Tidy away cables and wires with cable holes, and maintain a tidy desk with a slim drawer; designed to hide away your keyboard when not in use. Pair home office furniture with a set of handcrafted wooden bookcases to organise records, photo albums, cookery books and journals to maintain a relaxed and calm space in which to focus on the day ahead. Filing cabinets sport handcrafted dovetail drawers - finished with bespoke metalwork and beeswax.

If you would like to see home office furniture on display or would like any advice on how to create a home office with Indigo Furniture please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01629 581800. Indigo Furniture is delivered by a team of trained drivers who will assemble the furniture in a room of your choice and remove all of the packaging for recycling. Please take a moment to look through our testimonials to see how happy Indigo customers are with the experience.

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