Our library furniture – built with love, care and attention by our time-served Indigo craftsmen – can help you to create a beautiful, well-stocked library in your home in an instant with bookcases, chairs and desks. From our gorgeous Low Plank Bookcase to the beautiful yet practical Six Plank Cubbyhole Storage, we have storage solutions galore.

If you’re looking for a versatile bookcase for your library, featuring three adjustable shelves, you’ll definitely want to consider the aforementioned Low Plank Bookcase. Crafted in solid planks of slow-growing Quebec pine, this piece is ideal for rooms with low ceilings, or helping you to make the most of the wall space above. Meanwhile, the Six Plank Cubbyhole Storage offers full customisation to meet your exacting standards. Featuring six cubbyholes for storing everything from shoes to school bags, this can also be added to a home library to house your vast collection of books. Each cubbyhole offers either a deep dovetailed drawer, or a handy ‘hide-all’ option you simply leave ajar for easy access.

When you’ve spent all day dusting your weighty tomes and reorganising the classics, you can curl up with a good book in our Vintage Mulberry Rossini Armchair. Made with book lovers in mind, it’s both sturdy and comfortable and can be placed close to the fire in the library to enjoy with a novel and a nightcap, or pushed up close to a bookcase to ensure all your favourites are close to hand. A quintessential armchair with a classic rolled arm and hardwood leg, the piece has a sloping backrest and perfectly-positioned armrests for the very best in at-home lounging.

Want to see this must-have library piece for yourself? Do not hesitate to contact our friendly and dedicated sales team on 01629 581800.

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