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Indigo's collection of loft furniture has been specifically designed for rooms with lower ceilings. Choose from a range of loft beds, tables and storage to create the perfect room setting handmade to the distinct Indigo aesthetic.

Thanks to our range of beautifully hand-crafted furniture, you can have it kitted out in no time. Of course, Indigo furniture represents a real investment and each piece comes with a lengthy guarantee. Have you, for instance, checked out our Plank Blanket Box? Designed and manufactured to stand the test of time, it’s a popular Indigo piece which is ideal for storing seasonal bedding, throws and blankets. Made from solid, slow-growing Quebec pine, this piece sports signature saw marks and bespoke metalwork. Another option for your loft space is the Oak Crofter’s Bedside – a classic two-drawer piece from our oak collection. With a traditional doweled frame, this solid and robust piece is ideal to pair with our oak bed. Again, it’s all about the detail with this item; built from restored wartime machinery, it’s a well-crafted piece that really needs to be seen to be appreciated. Offering dovetail drawers and hand-finished with beeswax, this bedside is a hit with our customers. Want to see this, or any of the other gorgeous loft space-appropriate pieces mentioned here in one of our showrooms? Perhaps you might also like to check out our equally lovely The Crofter’s Oak Bed, too? Simply call ahead on 01629 581800 to discuss a particular piece and we’ll ensure that it’s ready for you to view.

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