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Design Spotlight | Bun Feet

The Grandad foot is hewn from solid, raw Oak and is designed to compliment the gentle curves of the Grandad Sofa. It’s a staunch, hardworking foot which finishes the piece with the distinct Indigo aesthetic.”

Miles Gregory, Company Director

Indigo’s Over Sized Bun Feet feature on the Grandad collection of sofas and footstools.

The Bun Foot is one of the earliest styles of furniture feet. It is known for its flattened sphere shape and is used for a variety of furniture pieces.

Bun Feet tend to get quite beaten due to their position on sofa furnishings. Therefore Indigo use the same exceptional quality Oak used to make their furniture to handcraft the Bun Feet.

The feet have been designed with attention to detail to ensure each foot is both durable and attractive.

When buying your Indigo sofa, you can choose from a raw finish, suited to the Oak range of furniture or a beeswax finish which brings the natural grain of the wood to the fore. This will ensure that your sofa’s feet match the rest of your unique Indigo living room furniture.