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Design Spotlight | Leather Headboards

Grand Leather Headboard

Headboards are a stylish and luxurious bedroom accessory. Use them to create a focal point and to set the design tone of your sleeping space.

The first headboards were made by the Ancient Egyptians from gold, silver and ebony as a way to create social status; pharaohs with extravagant headboards were deemed more superior.

The Greeks and Romans designed their headboards to have a practical use. They provided warmth and back support as well as turning into a table for bedroom feasts.

In the Medieval Period headboards remained as furniture pieces which displayed social status. These accessories often accompanied four poster and canopy beds.

By the 17th Century, upholstered headboards were designed as a replacement to fabric drapery on canopy beds. Comfort became more important and the need to create elaborate bedrooms declined.

Today, the popularity of headboards is seeing a revival. These signature accessories are available in a wide range of colours, materials, textures and shapes to suit the aesthetic of your bedroom.

Pillow Leather Headboard

Indigo Furniture have introduced two leather headboards to the existing bedroom furniture collection. Choose from the Grand Leather Headboard or the Pillow Leather Headboard to team with your divan base bed.

“Inspired by the opulent decor of the luxury hotels of the world. Indigo’s collection of tactile leather and upholstered fabric headboards promise to bring comfort and luxury to your sleeping space. Expertly upholstered in Aniline leather and finished with Indigo’s signature double stitching which lends texture and strength.”

– Miles Gregory, Company Director

The Grand Leather Headboard is a tall and elegant piece. It adds a tactile element to your bedroom and exudes luxury and comfort.

The Pillow Leather Headboard is a softer piece designed with function as well as aesthetic in mind. This plump accessory makes a comfortable back support and is a sumptuous addition to your bedroom.

You can purchase one of Indigo’s leather headboards in a range of sizes to suit your bed. Click here to view the collection.

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