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Celebrate all things botanical with this month’s featured Instagram photographer, stylist & blogger, @aquietstyle

For daily inspiration and beautiful visuals, Brighton based Emma Harris’ Instagram lends just that. Emma’s Instagram is a visual collection of her favourite florals and botanical compositions with inspiration taken from nature and home life. Indigo loves Emma’s eye for colour and classic botanical styling which is why she has been chosen as this months’ Guest Instagrammer.



Left to Right – Simple, natural beauty / Roses and botanical reading / Floral bursts of colour / Delicate flowers and pottery / Floral stems in line / Contrasting colours of still life / A few garden pickings / A spot of gardening / Seasonal bluebells & botanical book / Emma’s favourite- the classic rose / Bold and seasonal florals / Botanical book of floral elements

1// Tell us about yourself…
Hi, my name is Emma. I am a stylist, photographer and blogger from the sunny city of Brighton.

2// What do you look for in your styling/photography process? Why are florals a popular content for your photography?
When it comes to photographs my biggest inspiration is flowers and my children, they tend to be the focus of my camera lens. I am hugely inspired by light too and am drawn to a soft, moody light. When it comes to my styling and photography process, I look for something beautiful to shoot and perfect light. You don’t need much more than that. I have always loved flowers, in fact I was training to be a florist when I got pregnant with my eldest daughter.

3// What flowers or plants do you have growing in your garden? And what flowers or plants do you like to bring indoors?
We are currently on the hunt for a new house because our garden is too small to really grow much. It is a typical city garden but I am thrilled that a rose I planted last year seems to be doing well, I am waiting for the buds to open as we speak. I will bring anything and everything indoors, including leaves, branches and what some might consider weeds! You can always find beauty in nature if you look hard enough.

4// Where are you favourite outdoor places?
I love the beach obviously but my favourite place is the Apple Orchard at Stanmer Park which is about 10 minutes drive from us. Whatever the time of year it is a stunning space and I find it incredibly peaceful.

5// Are there any places where you like to dine Al Fresco?
Most of the restaurants we go to don’t have outside eating areas, except my favourite which is The Chilli Pickle if you like indian food, it is a must visit! Aside from that I would happily eat in my garden every day.

6// How do you create an inviting and cosy outdoor space and what do you like to do in your outdoor space?
My dream outdoor space would include a hammock, a big old wooden table and chairs with a few cosy blankets thrown over for when the evening sun goes down. I also like putting a vase of flowers outside too. I will do most things outside; work, yoga, meditate and of course eat.

7// What is your favourite flower?
It’s hard to say what my favourite is, it depends on the season, i’m fickle when it comes to flowers but I never fall out of love with an old fashioned garden rose.

Develop your creativity. Emma Harris also holds Visual Media Styling & Composition Workshops. For more details, see or email