Dining Room Storage Furniture | Spring Cleaning | Indigo


Bring order to your dining room this spring with solid wood furniture from Indigo Furniture.


Achieve a warm country-style kitchen with Indigo’s collection of rustic dining room furniture. Organising your dining space has never been easier – these solid wood pieces will bring order to your culinary essentials. Create a calm environment for enjoying food with your friends and family. Characterful storage furniture for effortless spring dining.

1. Seasonal fruit and freshly-baked bread
2. Fresh green foliage for colour and interest
3. Farmhouse-style crockery and homewares
4. Natural wicker storage boxes and baskets
5. Textured fabrics for breezy spring picnics

The Plank Hall Console topped with a wicker basket of crockery and bread.

The Plank Hall Console topped with a scattering of fresh coffee beans.

A wickerwork basket filled with white cups, crusty bread and eggs.


One of Indigo’s most versatile pieces, the Plank Hall Console makes a handy breakfast station for all the family. Organise cereal and crockery using the spacious drawers and sturdy lower shelf – ready to serve and enjoy. Handcrafted from solid Canadian pine, this practical piece exhibits a characterful grain; enriched to perfection with natural beeswax.

Its two dovetail drawers are a perfect place to tidy away cutlery after you’ve given it a spring clean polish. Serve your freshly ground morning coffee on top, accompanied by delicious continental-style croissants and jam. A wicker basket can be placed on the bottom shelf; ideal as a space for fruit or cereal boxes. Add novelty to your healthy diet this spring – introduce a dedicated area to create your most important meal of the day.

The Sliding Door Cupboard, revealing shelves of kitchen utensils.

Rustic food and new crockery on top of a wooden surface, styled with textiles.


The Plank Sliding Door Cupboard is a brand new piece from Indigo, defined by two panels that slide smoothly aside. Display your finest crockery, while hiding away kitchen utensils or ingredients in the remaining two sections on either side. This innovative solid wood piece is perfect for storing away bulky items like rolling pins or weighing scales. The steadfast inner shelves will help organise your freshly polished pots and pans for easier access.

“The sliding doors are a fantastic space saver if you don’t have room to open cupboard doors. It’s ideal for smaller rooms and tight kitchen alcoves.”

– Josh Woolley, Product Developer at Indigo Furniture

The Grand Four Door Plank Sideboard, a solid wood dining storage piece from Indigo Furniture.

The Grand Four Door Plank Sideboard, topped with a weighing scale full of pears.

Gooseberries and goat's cheese on top of the The Grand Four Door Plank Sideboard.


Storage that truly goes the extra mile; the Grand Four Door Plank Sideboard is a practical yet impressive piece of furniture. An appealing mixture of four drawers and four cupboards enclosing handy shelves – exceedingly popular with visitors to Indigo’s Matlock showroom. Built to last from solid wood, this reliable sideboard features a choice of bespoke metalwork handles and a classic farmhouse-style aesthetic. A trusted home for your foodie essentials.

Hide jars of dry ingredients, crockery and utensils inside the capacious cupboards. The four panelled sections will ensure your belongings stay organised far past your spring clean. Easily categorise different sets of cutlery or equipment inside the deep dovetailed drawers. Its sturdy top can also be used to serve delicious seasonal food and drink. Pair creamy soft cheese with fresh fruit and crusty bread as a rustic snack to welcome guests.

The Plank Telephone Table, used as a storage station for rustic food and crockery.


The Plank Telephone Table is a space-saving storage solution, beautifully handcrafted from solid Canadian pine. Top with a rustic wicker basket to serve food to friends, or tidy away picnic accessories ready for warm summer days. A wide slimline drawer – with a choice of metalwork handles – can be used to tidy away recipes, tea towels and kitchen wipes. Declutter crumbly ingredients using quirky glass jars or vintage tins for added personality.

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