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Top 5 | Biscuit Cutters

The popularity of baking is growing with more and more of us donning our pinnies and creating ‘signature bakes’.

Biscuits are an easy bake, making them ideal for children and beginners. They can easily be created using basic ingredients of butter, caster sugar, an egg, plain flour and a dash of vanilla extract. Use this as your base recipe to then experiment with a variety of flavours and shapes.

Here are Indigo’s Top 5 biscuit cutters…

1 // Biscuit Cutters – British Isles from RE

RE are based in Corbridge, North East England. Their online shop has a range of products for the home and garden. This British Isles Biscuit Cutter has been designed and made in Britain.

These cookie cutters from Alessi make an ideal present for the gourmet biscuit maker. They are made from polished stainless steel and are part of a range of unusual utensils.

3 // Chicken Cuts Cookie Cutter from Printmeneer

This biscuit cutter is for bakers who don’t mind sharing their creations. It cuts the outside of the dough and leaves an imprint on the inside. Resulting in a biscuit ideal for easy splitting and sharing.

4 // Yellow Queen Bee Cookie Cutter from Willow and Stone

Willow and Stone specialise in supplying period fixtures, fittings and paraphernalia. The company are based in Cornwall with a shop near the harbour in Falmouth.

This cookie cutter is part of a collection featuring a pig, squirrel and aeroplane.

5 // Cookie Cutter from Lisa Angel

For bakers who like innovative baking accessories, this biscuit cutter is a great present. The cutter works as a press down stamp, avoiding mis-shapen biscuits caused by sticky dough.

For some biscuit inspiration try these Raw Almond Linzer Cookies with Cherry Filling from the blog Oh, Ladycakes. These tasty biscuits can be filled with the cherry filling in the recipe or replaced with a serving of homemade jam.

What is your favourite biscuit? Let us know in the comments box below. You can see Indigo’s favourite food recipes on our Pinterest board.