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Top 5 | Circus Lights

Circus Lights are a fun way to add light to interior spaces. These modern lights are available in a range of sizes from small lamps to large standalone lights.

Mix typography to create unique statement pieces. Ideal for adding light to dark shelves or for signage at events such as weddings and parties.

Here are our Top 5 Circus Lights..

Electric Light Bulb Letter W from Alexander & Pearl

“Made from iron this vintage industrial light bulb letter will make a statement anywhere. What we love about this piece is that it is versatile enough to be placed almost anywhere, be it hung on a wall, placed on a shelf or simply displayed on the floor, plus it will look fab in any room!

Alexander & Pearl are a trendy online interior boutique that hand pick their vintage industrial chic furniture and lighting that is sourced from all over the globe. Their extensive collections include urban style bedroom, living room, dining room and home office furniture, plus other styles which include campaign, contemporary and bespoke ranges.”

– Alexander & Pearl

Bespoke Signage from Goodwin and Goodwin

Goodwin and Goodwin have an extensive range of circus lights. Choose from their collection of letters, words and symbols or create you own custom signage. You can even hire lighting from Goodwin and Goodwin for special occasions.

Graphic Collection Letter N Lamp from In-Spaces

The Graphic Collection of circus lights from In-Spaces has a variety of typography, sizes and styles which you can mix and match. The collection includes both indoor and outdoor lighting.

Retro Marquee Letter Set from FosterWeld

These retro lights are made to order. Choose up to 5 letters of your choice in either rust or brushed metal to create your sign with up to 25 lights.

Ampersand with Silver Edging and Lights from CarnivalLetters

These circus lights from CarnivalLetters are lightweight making them easy to hang as well as stand. Available in a range of colours, letters and numbers.

Where would you put circus lights in your home? Tell us in the comments box below. Here are a few inspirational ideas of how to feature circus lights.

Illuminated Letter Wall Lights from Plant Republic

Photograph taken on Indigo’s Junior Bedroom photoshoot

Slideshow Sign Co

Slideshow Sign Co