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Built to the distinct Indigo aesthetic this unique range of wooden benches and pews have been handcrafted to pair with Indigo’s range of dining tables, built with traditional techniques and hand finished with beeswax.

Benches and pews create a relaxed farmhouse style dining space ideal for family life with plenty of room for impromptu guests and family gatherings, add dining chairs at the head of the table for a more refined feel. Benches and pews can be crafted to fit under your dining table to save space when not in use. Each Indigo table design has a matching bench designed to perfectly match the aesthetic.

The Oak Gamekeepers bench is an inviting piece adorned with signature saw marks. Reclaimed wood benches, designed to pair with the Reclaimed Dining collection are defined by clean lines; crafted in salvaged timbers sourced from historic sites all over Britain such as The Big Dipper Rollercoaster and The Rolls Royce factory. Choose from Benches and pews; Pews are crafted with a supporting back and can be used in dining setting or as part of a welcoming hallway.

For a touch of tactile comfort choose the Leather Bench, a solid Pine frame is softened with the addition a sumptuous leather base cushion. Outdoor dining benches in signature oak are the perfect seating to pair with the Outdoor Oak Dining Table.

If you do wish to find out more about the Indigo range of Dining benches and pews please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and knowledgeable sales team on 01629 581800.

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