Reclaimed Benches and Pews

One of the Indigo specialities is to painstakingly salvage fine timber from much-loved historical sites and buildings and craft it into distinctive and characterful pieces of furniture – reclaimed benches and pews being just one example.

Your reclaimed bench will tell a story of its own and look like no other – unique style and signature saw marks all come together to create a piece that is truly lovely.

So do take a proper look at the Reclaimed Bench that boasts this origination. Designed to pair with The Reclaimed Table, it is actually available in six different sizes and suitable for solo positioning in addition to dining facilities.

We make these reclaimed benches and pews in our own Derbyshire workshops with much time, skill and love. Our long-standing furniture makers are proud of their time-honoured techniques, carried out using restored wartime machinery that simply cannot be replicated in this day and age.

Every little detail matters at Indigo and as a team, we work hard to ensure that you are as delighted with your furniture as we are.

Come and see our sturdy reclaimed benches and pews displayed beautifully in our Matlock and Harrogate showrooms – we’re sure you’ll find many other pieces of interest too. Chat to our friendly and knowledgeable sales advisors whose only purpose is to help you make the right choice for your home so that our handmade furniture adds warmth and substance just where you need it. 

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