Oak Benches and Pews

There is nothing more homely than the sight of a solid oak bench – in the kitchen, hallway or even on the patio, inviting you to sit awhile and take the weight off your feet. Our collection of oak benches and pews are handcrafted in our own workshops and adorned with no shortage of attention to detail to ensure that look and perform at their best for you.

The Miller’s Oak Pew is a perfect example of our craftsmanship. Available in six different sizes, whilst designed to accompany The Gamekeeper’s Oak Table - should your requirement be dining – the casual yet sturdy pew is made from solid oak and built to last a lifetime. Offering a relaxed feel and a supportive back, it allows you flexibility on seating, should you suddenly be welcoming impromptu guests to your table. Alternatively, place it in your hallway to add interest and character.

Another popular choice at Indigo, when it comes to oak benches and pews, is the Farmhouse Oak Bench. Simple, honest lines define this understated design that offers a friendly nod to French farmhouse dining. With many sizes available to suit your requirements, team it with The Farmhouse Oak Table to create a warm and inviting place to enjoy meals with friends and family.

Built from semi-seasoned oak, the Outdoor Oak Bench is just perfect to place in your favourite sunny spot in the garden, to enjoy a quiet cuppa in between chores. Pair this homely bench with the Outdoor Oak Table and create a relaxed alfresco dining experience and an extra room in your home.

Come and see our oak benches and pews for yourself in our showrooms or pick up the phone and let us answer any queries that you might have – we’d be happy to help you. 

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