2 Seater Benches and Pews

Many of our pieces of furniture can be handmade in an assortment of sizes and so finding a choice of 2 seater benches and pews is easy at Indigo. Small, yet perfectly formed and comfortable enough for two people, two cups of tea and some decent conversation.

Made in our own workshops, we expertly craft all of our furniture by hand and this of course includes 2 seater benches and pews. Using solid wood and time-honoured techniques, kept alive by our long-standing and passionate furniture makers, these benches – and indeed all of our collection – will surpass your expectation in both style and quality of build.

Let’s consider a few examples to illustrate this point. The Miller’s Plank Bench is a popular choice and with good reason. Traditional in styling, it sits comfortably alongside the Plank Dining Table or in a solo position in your home, should you require. Sturdily build from Quebec Pine using restored wartime machinery that proudly leaves our much-loved signature saw marks, the bench is hand finished in beeswax to bring out every last bit of character from the grain. Sealed with a 15 year guarantee, we’ve confident that you can enjoy this bench for a lifetime.

The Butcher’s Bench is another of our 2 seater benches and pews to consider carefully. Choose one of the smaller sizes and accompany it with The Butcher’s Table, should you be looking for a relaxed dining space – benches are just so flexible when impromptu guests arrive at your door unannounced.

Our delightful benches are not confined to the four walls of your home either. Take a look at the Outdoor Oak Bench and consider if you have a special place outside in your garden that could benefit from such a special piece. Built from semi-seasoned oak, this is a robust bench, designed to simply last for years and years. 

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