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We spend a great deal of time sitting down in our homes and so it’s important to make a considered choice when deciding on your seating – whether for the kitchen, living areas or elsewhere. Our Indigo furniture range can offer you a host of options, none less characterful than our distinctive Plank seating collection.

Crafted from solid wood and offering an understated and yet heart-warming look, our Plank seating is just part of our unique Plank range of furniture, known for its styling and robust nature – we build furniture to last.

Crafted in our busy workshops, each piece of furniture is made by hand, using time-honoured techniques and restored wartime machinery that lends a distinctive style with signature saw marks that give every single piece its own personal character.

The Parson’s Chair with Leather Base is a delightful example of our Plank seating. Sporting a classic ladder back and crafted from solid beech, the base is upholstered in Aniline leather and the result is a simple and honest chair that sits well with a wide range of dining tables and styles. Hand finished with plenty of beeswax, our solid construction methods ensure detail such as mortise and tenon side rails and double stitching on fabrics and leathers.

Another charming option id the Pew Bar Chair. Stand it next to the Indigo Breakfast Table or alongside a breakfast bar and create a warming spot to enjoy a cuppa or a quick snack. Its tall, stable design in our renowned Plank styling is coupled with an element of exposed metalwork – just a nod to a more modern, industrial feel that can add interest to your home.

Should you wish to look at our Plank seating, or indeed any of our seating, in more detail, please get in touch or pop into one of our showrooms and we’ll tell you more. 

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