Dining Chairs

Complete your Indigo dining room with a unique collection of dining chairs and dining benches handcrafted in heritage-process leathers and fabric. Create a refined, formal dining space with elegant dining chairs such as Leather Roll Back Chairs finished in signature leathers; choose from Aged Saddle or Conker Saddle. Bring colour and texture with tactile fabrics in vibrant colours such as Chili Red and Lime Green or complement a neutral palette with Natural Putty and Mushroom Brown.

Create a relaxed space for family and friends; with plenty of room for impromptu guests. Solid wood dining chairs define a rustic farmhouse style dining space whilst maintaining a sense of space and light, fabric and leather bring sophisticated are and add a touch of tactile comfort.

Built to stand the test of time, unlike many chairs on the market today which are made with a pencil thin dowel Indigo’s solid Oak and Beach frame chairs are made with a robust Mortise and Tenon joint machined from the rail itself.

Dining chair designs include the Straight Back Fabric Chair – Indigo’s palette of signature fabric colours brought to life in this stylish dining chair, handcrafted in solid beech, a square aesthetic is softened with uniquely shaped rails and back. The Mill Chair in Seagrass – A classic chair with a rustic Seagrass base.

Should you require any further information about the Indigo range, click on any of the products, or please do call 01629 581800 to speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable Sales Advisors. 

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