Roll Back Seating

Pairing the right dining chairs with your table can make a tremendous difference to your finished look. Roll back seating, for example, will lend an air of sophistication and elegance, whilst lower backed chairs or benches will create a more relaxed, informal feel.

We offer a creative selection of dining chairs for you to consider and a number are in our roll back seating collection. Crafted in our own workshops by skilled furniture makers who preserve time-honoured skills, we take pride in every piece that we make and ensure the utmost attention to detail. Like kiln dried hardwood frames and mortise and tenon side rails – our furniture is quite simply, handmade without compromise.

A popular choice of dining chair is the Tall Roll Back Leather Chair. As tall as it is elegant, your dining area will feel very grand and eating at the table with friends and family will feel special, whatever the occasion. Each chair is skilfully upholstered in tactile Aniline leather, tanned in Italy and given a heritage finish by way of a high quality 21 day process. Double stitching finishes this sturdy chair well, which sports solid wood legs and a robust frame. Sealed with a five year guarantee, these chairs are built to last.

If you prefer the feel and look of a fabric finish, consider our Roll Back Fabric Chair. With a full palette of colours available in cotton velvet and moleskin fabrics, you can select a subtle tone to blend in with your décor or opt for a vibrant shade for contrast and a bold statement. Once more build around a solid wood, kiln dried frame wit mortise and tenon side rails, each chair is lovingly created by Indigo and will be an asset to your home.

Please call us or pop into one of our showrooms, should you wish to learn more about roll back seating or any other part of our handmade furniture collection – we’d be happy to help you. 

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