Round Arm Seating

Choosing the right armchair for you special corner can be a complicated task. It has to be perfect in every possible way in addition to offering a level of craftsmanship that will ensure it serves you for a lifetime. At Indigo, we can offer you many such choices and our round armed seating is certainly an area for consideration.

All of our seating is designed to look fantastic, whilst also being of the utmost quality – handcrafted in our own workshops by time-served and skilled furniture makers. We don’t cut corners and we don’t compromise because we know you want the very best in construction so that your furniture will look at its best and perform well for generations to come.

When considering round arm seating, The Leather Wing Chair is a perfect example of this. This sumptuous chair is ideal for a special corner, perhaps in the living room or even tucked away in the library or snug. Inspired by the English Wing Chair of the 1600s, originally crafted as a fireside chair, this ultra-stylish piece wraps around you with its sweeping back and curved arms – designed to protect you from drafts and offer incredible comfort.

Topped with a lavishly filled base cushion, this example of round armed seating is expertly upholstered in our signature Aniline leathers, tanned in Italy to create a heritage finish. The solid wood frame is hand-built whilst tensile woven webbing ensures a chair that is designed to last. We seal all of this with our 10 year guarantee, assuring you of our craftsmanship for years to come.

If you’d like to view round arm seating such as The Leather Wing Chair, or any other armchair and seating designs, please visit our showrooms where we’ll be very happy to show you round. 

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