Broad Arm Seating

There’s something rather inviting about a room filled with broad arm seating, offering you a sumptuous spot to relax and enjoy the company of others. Lounge with the Sunday papers or prop yourself up whilst you chat until the early hours – this is a style that looks and feels the part.

Crafted from precision cut hardwood frames, lavish sofas and armchairs sit amongst our fine collection of broad arm seating, offering the ultimate in comfort. Plump, well filled cushions are upholstered in Italian tanned leathers and creates a most distinctive style with such generous proportions where it matters.

A popular choice is The Big One Armchair, designed to pair with The Big One Sofa should you wish. A sturdy chair that is as inviting as it is large, the broad square arms offer a pleasing aesthetic whilst the stout wooden feet assure you of its quality. Upholstered in our signature Aniline leather, choose from Aged Saddle or Conker Saddle – both of which are hand-finished with leather protection.

Available in a choice of sizes from Cuddler to Mighty Grand, The Broad Arm Leather Sofa dismantles for ease of delivery. This is a feature that you’ll enjoy with many of our sofas and larger pieces of furniture. Featuring a thickset arm which gives the sofa its name, the decidedly square aesthetic is softened with plump and luxurious cushions, upholstered in our signature tactile leather. Double stitched seams demonstrate our attention to every detail and ensure the longevity of this mighty sofa – our furniture is designed to give you a lifetime of pleasure.

Should you wish to view and try our broad arm seating for yourself, please do come along to one of our showrooms. If there is a design that you specifically wish to see, phone ahead of your visit and we’ll advise if it is on display for you. 

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