Blanket Boxes and Ottomans

Maintain a sense of relaxed order and calm in your home with Indigo’s range of wooden Blanket Boxes and oak Ottomans; an ideal solution if your existing bedroom storage is in inadequate. Stash seasonal bedding and clothes, store guest linens and towels. Choose to match your bedroom furniture with Blanket Boxes and Ottomans crafted in slow grown Quebec Yellow wood, European oak and signature Aniline leathers; double stitched for strength and texture.

Team a Merchant’s Plank Bed with the Plank Blanket Box – adorned with trademark saw marks and bespoke metalwork, sporting delightfully shaped panels and finished with Beeswax. Compliment an oak scheme with the Oak Blanket Box, hewn from solid oak; this ingenious design hides a soft-close strut system which ensures fingers are well out the way as the lid closes. The Oak Ottoman is a slightly more slimmer, longer design, which is ideally suited to the end of the bed.

Maintain a welcoming and organised space with Blanket Boxes and Ottomans in the hallway to stash boots, shoes and brollies. Also the ideal size to slide into a bay window as extra storage to store board games, toys and DVDS.

If you would like to Blanket Boxes and Ottomans on display at either our Matlock, Derbyshire, Tunbridge Wells, Kent or Harrogate, Yorkshire showrooms please don’t hesitate to call 01629 581800 to ensure the item you would like to see is on display. Due to an extensive collection we are unable to display each and every design.

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