Large Bookcases

If you’re searching for beautiful large bookcases to effortlessly store your treasured possessions, you’ll love our handcrafted designs. The distinctive Indigo build features solid, seasoned wood – air and kiln-dried for up to three years - and quality that speaks for itself. Thanks to the weight and bespoke finish of each piece of furniture, the benefits of our handmade furniture collection are clear.

If space isn’t an issue, the Grand Plank Bookcase from Indigo can complete your living space. An imposing bookcase, this is a gorgeous piece featuring all the characteristics you can expect from Indigo’s large bookcases.

Our Midi Plank Bookcase for example, has been built in solid planks of slow-growing Quebec pine and lovingly finished with beeswax. Four adjustable shelves can be configured to suit your needs and this sturdy, versatile piece is ideal for large cookery books, photo albums or other items worth storing away.

Alternatively, why not consider the Low Plank Bookcase. Crafted in solid planks of slow-growing Quebec pine, this versatile piece features a trio of adjustable shelves for all your storage needs. What’s more, this product – a standout piece amongst our collection of large bookcases – is ideal for rooms with low ceilings or height restrictions. 

Our Alderman Low Oak Bookcase is another piece worth considering. A solid oak construction, this features traditional inset panels to the arms and is adorned with signature saw marks to give it a distinctive Indigo look.
Want to know more about our range and the way in which it is handcrafted? Speak to us today and we’ll be happy to tell you all about it. 

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