Extra Large Chest of Drawers

If your rooms are sizable, an extra-large chest of drawers can be both practical and stylish. Eagerly storing away a huge amount of clothing, bedding, linen or other belongings, big chests of drawers can serve your family well and leave your home feeling calm and ordered.


All of our chest of drawers are handmade in our workshops to exacting standards. We use restored wartime band and circular saws and boast a team of highly skilled furniture makers that use time-honoured skills to create furniture with substance and character.

Now for an example of all these credentials; consider The Oak Grand Chest. An imposing piece that can offer sturdy and reliable storage in many parts of your living space, this fine, extra large chest of drawers looks quite stunning in a large hallway, should you have one. Handmade with 8 or 11 dovetailed drawers, every part is crafted in solid oak, demonstrated by our 15 year warranty. Housed in a solid frame and sturdy, wide plinth top, this chest will serve you for a lifetime, and more.

Lending a cool, industrial feel to a classic design, the Zinc Grand Chest combines solid oak with handcrafted zinc for an attention grabbing chest. Again offered with 8 or 11 dovetailed drawers, bespoke, hand-cast metalwork finishes the look and creates a chest of drawers that is worthy of a prime location in your home. Top with a beautiful vase of flowers and smile every single time you walk past it.

We’d love to show you our extra-large chest of drawers on display in our showrooms so that you can appreciate the many features for yourself. Please do phone ahead of your visit if you wish to view a particular style and we’ll ensure that it is available for you.

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