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Flexible and versatile wooden cube storage units crafted in solid oak and pine, designed to the distinct Indigo aesthetic. Create a bespoke cubbyhole storage unit with a blend of shelves, drawers and cupboards handcrafted in solid oak and plank timbers, bring a unique look to your living space whilst providing a functional and design-led storage solution.

Create a welcoming, organised hallway with cube units, store Wellington Boots and dog leads whilst tidying away pending paperwork in the handcrafted drawers. Place in your dining space to display crockery and decorative glassware, stash table linen and napkins in deep, dovetailed drawers whilst the top can be used for fresh flowers or extra space for serving dishes and platters.

An innovative way to divide a room, or to separate two spaces - choose open cube units to maintain a sense of space and light, or select the drawer or door options to hide clutter and keep things neat and tidy.

Choose from three, four or six cubbyholes or for a taller option the Quad Cubes are available in single and double widths. Indigo cube units can also be purchased with a tactile, inviting leather seat pad; suitable for use with the four and three Cubbyhole designs.

If you would like to see cube units on display at one of our showrooms please call ahead on 01629 581800 to check if the piece you wish to see is on display, due to an extensive collection we are unable to display the whole range.

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