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Large cupboards can be an essential purchase when you have a busy family to organise or a home adorned with ample belongings. Bringing order to your day to day life is entirely possible when you have sufficient storage space to help you ensure that everything has its place.

Amongst our range of hand built wooden furniture are some rather ingenious designs when it comes to large cupboards; we’re really rather proud of them. Demonstrating our renowned capability as designers in addition to expert furniture makers, take a quiet look at the Plank Taylors Cupboard or the Butler’s Grand Cupboard for example.

Styled to appear as a set of drawers, the Plank Taylor’s Cupboard might not be all that it seems. Fully customisable, you might indeed choose to have eight sturdy, dovetailed drawers or you might opt for four drawers and a cupboard with coat hanging space or indeed, cupboards alone. But the perception from the exterior will always be a balanced design of eight drawers.

The Butler’s Grand Cupboard is a further example of our innovative range of large cupboards. Hand built to perfection and painstakingly polished with beeswax to bring out every ounce of character, your cupboard might be drawers or adjustable shelves. Nobody would know until they explored beyond the delightful façade, adding charm and intrigue to your home.

You can view these beautiful and playful cupboards in our showrooms, either in Matlock or Harrogate. We’re very friendly can have a great deal of experience to help you make the right choice for your home, so please do get in touch if you have any queries about any of our collection. 

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