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If space does not hinder your choice, large dressers can become a focal point of a homely kitchen or sizeable dining area. Practically working hard for you every day, our hand built designs will also add no shortage of understated style to your home.

Indigo furniture is crafted by hand in our own workshops. We use time-honoured techniques and expert furniture makers. Carefully restored, pre-war band and circular saws leave signature saw marks that ensure no two pieces are exactly the same – your furniture is unique.

Our large dressers are sensibly constructed in two pieces which are braced together with metalwork when in position. This allows for easier delivery and installation, even if you have a narrow hallway or awkward corners in your home. Rest assured we’ve mastered such challenges with flying colours before.

Take the Alderman Double Oak Dresser for example. An elegant yet substantial piece that houses shelved cupboards above and a combination of cupboards and dovetailed drawers below. Designed for daily use, store your crockery, cutlery, napkins and more in this this imposing dresser, whether positioned in your kitchen or elsewhere.

The Parlour Oak Cupboard is another sizable choice, sporting three sturdy shelves tucked behind inset panelled cupboard doors and a collection of two half width and one full width drawers in the base – all dovetailed and constructed for smooth and reliable manoeuvre of course.

Organising your kitchen and dining things can really give you a sense of order and ensure that your busy days are that little bit easier. Choosing our large dressers can help to transform your house into a home with their warmth and style – without doubt, a homely touch that can really make a difference. 

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